What is Meditation?

One - Why is there a need for meditation?

We are living with what has been reflected to us as who we are. We are living the life of who has been reflected to us. The first discipline is to free ourselves from other people’s reflection of who we are, that we have bought. Meditation is to correct that first. We have to figure how to do it, how to come back to us, how to free ourselves from the others’ imprint of what they think we are. The capacity to suspend another’s view over us and just to drop within, unmoving, not doing anything, to rest, is the birth of meditation in you. Explore how the real “I”, which is encountered in not doing, is the real source of your life.

Two - What takes me away from me?

Having the sensitivity to detect whether the action is born out of me or something outside of me, that is the key. If the action is born out of me, it will never nourish me, it will leave me empty, hollow. How do we determine that? We have to be grounded in ourselves, establish the center, establish that we are there in every action we do. To bring our self into every action, in everything we do; this is the act of meditation. If we are not there, the reflection is doing, then the false is acting and it can never nourish me. We can explore how we have to find the more of us, our maturity, which will happen through right living, which is living through meditation.

Three - How do I go on missing me?

We keep on missing us because we are outwardly grounded, because we do not feel safe. The absence of safety made us look outward to secure our safety. How do we find safety? When would we feel safe? When we come back to us, there is a feeling, a sense of safety, and safety is needed for the brain to flower. One of the ways is not to be attached, and that means nothing outside. It means more to you than yourself. Then you can maintain your safety. Finding your personal safety should be the first act of meditation.

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