• How to play the videos?
    Click the play button to watch the first video. Select any video in the playlist at the bottom of the video player to watch it. Use the scroll bar attached to the right of the play list to browse all videos.

  • How to watch a video in full screen mode?
    To watch a video in full screen mode click in the video player.

  • Video doesn't play.
    Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.

  • Video plays interrupted.
    The videos are provided in high quality, thus require a good internet connection. You may need to wait for the video to download enough within the player (watch the grey bar grow), download the video ahead from the download section or choose the audio version.

  • Downloaded video doesn't play in my iPod / iPhone.
    There may be a few videos that haven't been 'upgraded' yet. Most videos should play fine on these devices. Let us know if you run into a problem.

  • How can I contact you.
    Please use our feedback form (link at the top of each page).

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